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Kathmandu, Nepal
About Nepal
The breathtaking country of Nepal is situated between two global superpowers, India and China. One of the few countries that have never been colonized, Nepal is home to Mt. Everest, the highest point on earth, and is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. An important stop on the ancient Silk Road, Nepal is now very much a developing country, with large disparities in income, education and access to technology and electricity between urban and rural areas. Only 1% of the country’s energy needs are provided by electricity, with 90% of urban areas being electrified, while the rate for rural areas is only 5%.

The extreme topography of Nepal creates challenges and provides opportunities. The hilly and mountainous terrain in the northern two thirds of the country has made road building and infrastructure development difficult and expensive, limiting access to education, markets, and healthcare. This same steep terrain provides ideal conditions for development of some of the world’s largest hydroelectric projects. 

Political uncertainty has also troubled Nepal for the past twenty years, and the devastating earthquake of 2015 has created both extreme hardship for the people of Nepal and an opportunity to build anew, with an eye toward improvement in safety and access to vital services. 

While income distribution remains very uneven, the continuation of current improvement in poverty rates will see poverty at its current rate eradicated in the next twenty years. 

MIC Nepal
The Microsoft Innovation Center in Nepal (MIC Nepal) operated by Microsoft’s partner Unlimited Technologies provides access to world-class resources for students, software developers, IT professionals, academic researchers, and entrepreneurs.

At MIC Nepal, the goal is to increase local innovation by building skills and intellectual capital. We offer training courses, employment programs, labs, workshops and mentoring experiences.
MIC Nepal addresses the low literacy rate and digital divide by offering training to all age groups. 

Training and workshops focus on how to use technology for work, play, research, and even as a means to communicate with others.
In 2013, MIC Nepal launched an entrepreneurship development program for startups.

The program is in operation with different activities including running pre-accelerator programs for early stage companies. MIC Nepal incubates startups and provides some funding to startups through its “Impact Fund”.
MIC Nepal provides trainings, workshops, boot camps, hackathons, and competitions.

Past competitions include the CITYAPP Appathon Competition (in partnership with CITYNET), ChildAPP Competition (with UNICEF and Childreach Nepal), and the Imagine Cup competition.

In partnership with several NGOs and other organizations, MIC Nepal supports computer lab infrastructure in rural community school labs where MIC Nepal and TAP Trust provide schools with critical teaching aids, such as servers, printers, laptops, and other needed tools.
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